Prepayment procedure for non-registered visitors

Admission tickets

The online ticket service offers the possibility to prepay for admission tickets to the Vatican Museums and Gardens, for the Archeological sites and for the Pontifical Residence at Castel Gandolfo.

To be able to purchase online the minimum age required is 18 years.

A maximum of 10 tickets may be purchased, depending on the availability, for every transaction made.

The admission ticket is valid only for the day of issue.

In order to make the reservation online please have on hand the following documents: an identity document and names of all the participants. After payment, the visitor will receive a voucher containing the reservation code and tour information. Please print the voucher or save it on a smartphone or tablet.

To be able make the booking, please supply the following details:

Reduced price tickets

It is possible to purchase a ticket at a reduced price for children aged between 6 and 18 years’ old and for students up to 25 years of age, on presentation on the day of the visit of a student identity document or a valid International Student Card, or other document testifying their university registration. For information regarding reductions and free admission, please consult the official web site ( If a reduced price ticket is purchased without the required documents, the visitor will be asked to make payment of a full price ticket so as to enter. The reduced price ticket will not be refunded.

Methods of payment

Payment is required at the time of booking. Payments may be made only by Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

Booking Modification and Refund Policy

Once payment has been made the transaction cannot be cancelled and the ticket (including the reservation fee and any other eventual services purchased) will not be refunded. However, it is possible to modify the reservation once, according to availability on the chosen date.

Protection of personal Data

The Vatican Museums undertake to guarantees a high level of protection of personal data, respecting the person’s rights, autonomy and physical dignity, with particular attention to the privacy of the personal identity.

The data will be used exclusively for communications concerning the activities of the Vatican Museums, in respect of the full protection of the rights and privacy of those concerned, excluding the sale to third parties. The data relating to the payment by credit card will be deposited and dealt with by competent banking institutions who will handle it according to criteria of security and confidentiality.

Access to the Museums and rules for admission

The voucher is the only authorized document for admission. Admission is permitted only on presentation of the voucher and identity document. The museum staff will verify the validity of the reservation, will check the names indicated (an identity document may be requested) and will then allow entry. If the data indicated does not correspond, or if the voucher has already been used, the museum staff can choose to deny entry. It is important to respect the time indicated on the reservation voucher.

Those who do not present themselves at the designated time, will lose their right of access at the chosen time. The unused and still valid prepaid ticket, giving title to entry (as indicated in “Admission Tickets”) may be used for entry via the entrance for visitors without a booking. The management of the Vatican Museums reserves the right to make inspections, and in the case of abuse, to take appropriate measures.

Admission is accorded only to persons decently dressed, which is subject to the unchallengeable decision of the personnel on duty.

Visit and course guaranteed

The Direction of the Museums reserves the right to revoke, vary the day or the time of all the reservations in any moment due to force majeure and/or security, by giving timely communication to those people concerned. If the Vatican Museums are unable to assure the visit of the course guaranteed, they will refund the total sum or, upon request, to the postponement of the visit.
The purchase in advance gives the right to visit the following places : Pio Clementino Museum, Gallery of the Candelabra, Gallery of the Tapestries, Gallery of the Maps and the Sistine Chapel.

Proceeding to the purchase of tickets implies acceptance of all the foregoing stipulations without exception.