Admission Tickets

The service of the electronic ticket-office offers the possibility to buy the full price admission tickets at the Vatican Museums in advance.
In order to make the purchase, it is necessary to be at least 18 years of age.
It is possible to purchase up to a maximum of 10 admission tickets for each transaction, from 60 days before the date of the tour until 15 minutes before entering, according to the availability.
The ticket gives the right to visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel only on the day of issue.
In order to make the purchase online, you need an identity document, a credit card, and the names of all the participants. After the payment has been made, the voucher with the reservation code can be printed (you are advised to memorize it) with all the information concerning the tour, and an e-mail with the confirmation of the booking made will be sent to you automatically.
In order to make the purchase, it is necessary to provide:

The data of the person who makes the reservation and the owner of the credit card used for payment must be the same.

Reduced tickets

It is possible to purchase the reduced ticket for children between 6 and 18 years of age and students up to 25 years of age on presentation of a valid International Student Card, a student identity document or other documentation stating their registration to a university or institution of higher education (to be shown on the day of the visit). The visitor who purchased a reduced ticket without title will have to purchase a new full fare ticket to enter. The reduced ticket will not be refunded.

Modality of payment

The payment shall be contextual at the confirmation of the reservation. For the payment, it is possible to use the credit card of the following circuits: Visa, MasterCard.

Right to withdraw and modify

After having made the payment, it is no longer possible to cancel the transaction and the ticket (including the reservation fee), they are not refundable. However, it is possible to modify the reservation only once, according to the availability of places on the chosen date.

Protection of personal data:

The Vatican Museums guarantee that the handling of the treatment of personal data is carried out according to the high security standards and in respect of the rights, the fundamental liberties, as well as the dignity of individuals, with particular reference to the confidentiality and to personal identity. The data conferred will be exclusively used for communication purposes inherent to the activities of the Vatican Museums, in the full protection of the rights and of the discretion of those concerned, excluding the assignment to third parties. The data relative to payment by means of a credit card shall be deposited and handled by the competent Bank Institutions that shall treat them according to security criteria and confidentiality.

Access modalities to the Museum and admission rules

The original voucher is the only recognized document. If you do not present the voucher and the identity document, access will not be allowed. On the day of the tour, the visitors present themselves to the queue dedicated for the Vatican Museums. The personnel of the Museum in charge of inspection, shall verify the validity of the reservation by means of the bar code present on the voucher, the correspondence of the names indicated (with an eventual request of documents of the group leader) and shall allow the entrance to the Vatican Museums. If the data indicated does not correspond or if the voucher has already been used, the personnel in charge may not allow the entry of the person/s. In case of loss of the voucher, the Customer Care Staff may be able to search the reservation and issue a new document for access. It is necessary that the time of entry indicated on the reservation document be respected.
Those who do not present themselves in time, lose the right to the access that was allocated to them. However, the pre-booked ticket remains valid and is to be used according to the duration foreseen (as established in the paragraph "admission tickets"), by going to the queue of those without reservations. It is necessary that the person who made the reservation and the other components of the group are in possession of an identity document and the voucher, that have to be signed and left at the ticket window assigned for issuing the admission tickets.
The Direction of the Vatican Museums reserves the right to perform the necessary checks and, in case of abuse, may intervene in any suitable way.
The access to the Museums is allowed only to visitors with proper attire, compatible to the security standards and procedures of the Vatican Museums.

Visit and course guaranteed

The Direction of the Museums reserves the right to revoke, vary the day or the time of all the reservations in any moment due to force majeure and/or security, by giving timely communication to those people concerned. If the Vatican Museums are unable to assure the visit of the course guaranteed, they will refund the total sum or, upon request, to the postponement of the visit.
The purchase in advance gives the right to visit the following places : Pio Clementino Museum, Gallery of the Candelabra, Gallery of the Tapestries, Gallery of the Maps and the Sistine Chapel.

Prices of the services

The price of each ticket is 16,00 Euro + a pre-sales fee of 4,00 Euro. The cost of the reduced ticket is 8,00 Euro + a reservation fee of 4,00 Euro. Children between 6 and 18 years of age have the right to a reduced ticket and also students up to 26 years of age with a student identity document.


Closing days : Sundays (except last Sunday of each month as long as it doesn't coincide with Easter, St. Peter and Paul, Christmas, St. Stephen's Day)
Festivities: January 1, 6, February 11, March 19, Easter Day and Easter Monday, May 1, June 29, August 14, November 1, December 8, December 25 and 26.


Requests for refunds of sums up to 1.000 Euro may be agreed directly with the Administration of the Vatican Museums. In case of dispute and however of non-approved requests for sums that total more than 1.000 Euro, the competent court is that of Vatican City State.